Breaking the boundaries between education and work

In the UK, the number of young people who are "Not in Education, Employment, or Training" is on the rise and there are concerns that the figure could be exacerbated by Brexit. It’s predicted that students are going to be in excess of £50k in debt by the time they graduate.

The catch-22

Skilled and talented young people all over Britain may be facing two additional problems – they can’t get a job because they have no degree or experience, or they have a degree but no experience and as such, can’t get a job.

Breaking the boundaries

The NHSBSA has partnered with a company called globalbridge.

The North East-based company is a unique platform that bridges the gap between students, universities and employers. It allows students to showcase their skills, and engage with educational establishments and future employers, so that they gain experience, skills and pathways into employment.

Being part of globalbridge allows the NHSBSA to connect with talented individuals and groups. To upskill and create more employment opportunities for students of all ages, by offering a range of services to students across all levels, including graduate placements.

Breaking boundries between edu and work

Our Head of Technology Application, Kirste Worland says: “We’re delighted the NHSBSA has signed up with globalbridge to showcase the business and the diverse range of workplace opportunities within the organisation. It offers us the opportunity to engage with future talent in a digital medium and to benefit from students’ creativity, to bring those ideas into the organisation.”

So, what are our next steps?

We know how valuable experience is when starting or changing your career. If you or someone you know is interested in working for an organisation committed to delivering high quality technology and digital services, contact us ( or create a globalbridge profile today.

Together, we can help break boundaries between education and work!