DHSC protocols and correct endorsements

The DHSC may issue other protocols in the future to relieve shortages of different products.

You may submit an SSP via one of three routes:

  • Paper prescription (in the red separator)
  • EREM
  • EPS Token (in the red separator of your account) if your system does not support the NCSO functionality

You should not submit both an EREM and EPS token together. If the EPS token is submitted, the EREM should be marked as not dispensed.

In order to ensure timely reimbursement please clearly endorse the relevant information that is required under the active SSP when submitting your claim to Prescription Services.

Further endorsing guidance and current protocols can be found on our website.

Tips for SSP endorsing

  • Contractors are not required to initial and date an SSP claim. If you are able, you may delete these details to free up space to provide a more comprehensive endorsement.
  • If you submit any SSP items with incorrect or unclear information, you can retrieve the message and use the claim amend facility.