International Nurse’s Day 2020

Allison Newell, Deputy Chief Executive of NHSBSA began her career as a nurse and here she reflects.


I am so proud to still be able to call myself a nurse today, I am saying this not only because it is International Nurses’ Day and the birthday of Florence Nightingale, but because of the connection I feel with my fellow nurse colleagues, both past, present and even with those yet to start…

I started my nursing career nearly 40 years ago and back then little did I imagine just where my career would take me, the opportunities nursing would bring and the amazing people I would meet and the changes I would see and be part of.

Nursing and caring for people I believe is a privilege and also really quite humbling. To be able to  share so many aspects of people’s lives with them – the good times, the challenging times and the very difficult times and together with others help make a difference is what I reflect fondly on.

Today in the NHSBSA in my current role, my nursing background and the insights that I bring I know are valued by my colleagues and I enjoy collaborating with and being part of the wider health and care family.

Nursing will continue to change, exciting changes to nurses' roles, responsibilities, and education are cited to meet increased changes and to advance improvements in health and care outcomes in the UK and globally.

I am really optimistic about the future of the profession, the profession I am sure will continue to accumulate strength and responsibility in the field of health and care, and nurses will continue to expand their scope of practice.

Finally, it is essential that nurses continue to embrace the endless potential of nursing, thus contributing even more to the health and care system and for me, most importantly providing more support and care to the people who entrust us to look after them.