NHS Jobs future service update: Online shortlisting goes live

What’s been happening?

This month I’m pleased to tell you that we’ve released online shortlisting to our smaller users in Private Beta. It’s great news for the service and shows the progress we continue to make in building the end-to-end service for smaller users. We're really pleased to be able to offer this option, although users can continue to choose offline shortlisting if that meets their needs.


Screenshot from Release 8 of Private Beta.

So far we’ve had positive feedback from our partners that the system is simple to use, but to support you further, Liam Marshall, Training and Support Manager, has produced user guides for the new online shortlisting functionality. The screenshot below shows an application at shortlisting stage based on the criteria set by the employer when they created the vacancy.


Screenshot from Release 8 of Private Beta.

Delivering the online shortlisting functionality allows us to iterate based on the feedback from our Private Beta Partners. It also prepares us to build further functionality.

Getting feedback from applicants is an important part of Private Beta. We have feedback buttons at the top of each page and we’ve now released the capability to capture feedback during the candidate journey. This means once applicants have submitted their application they can share their experience.

We currently have 19 Private Beta Partners who've advertised 12 vacancies in total so far. We’re starting to review our data to support our understanding of how the service is used and we have some early indications of applicant and employer behaviour. We know so far applicants are using mobile devices to complete and submit their applications which is a positive and different behaviour from the current NHS Jobs service, as we want to support fully the use of mobile devices.

What’s next?

We’re working on interview set-up and evaluation as our next big release. Look out for further updates coming soon!