NHS Jobs: How to... Approve vacancies

Our recent CSAT survey results showed us that there has been a significant uptake in the use of our Vacancy Authorisation option, as well as an increase in satisfaction for this feature.

For those who are yet to use the vacancy authorisation, we have created a step-by-step guide to assist you.

You can use this feature on NHS Jobs to support the approval of a vacancy to be published online. One or more approvers can be identified for a vacancy and once the relevant vacancy details have been entered, the system will move the vacancy to each of the approvers in turn.


1. Creating a Vacancy with Approval

When adding a vacancy to NHS Jobs    at the end of the ‘Job Details’ section, you will see the below option where you can then select ‘Yes’ to use the Approval functionality:


Selecting ‘Yes’ will result in the ‘Approval’ section being displayed:


Enter as much information as is required to suit your organisation’s process or practice. None of these fields are mandatory, so it’s up to you how much information you provide to assist your approver in making their decision.

If you chose to upload a business case (or equivalent document), this will remain attached to this vacancy and can be viewed by those on the vacancy team. The document size should be less than 1MB.

Note to reader:  The information entered in the ‘Approval’ section will not be visible to job seekers and is only visible to those within the vacancy team.

To enter your approvers, continue down your vacancy page to the 'Vacancy Team' section, where you can then add up to four.  It is mandatory to identify at least one approver and you will need to add their full email address.

Note to reader:  Approvers will need to have an active NHS Jobs account.  You can contact your system administrator if you have any queries around their account status.


Once you have completed the rest of your vacancy creation details and selected ‘Save and Publish’, you will receive an on-screen notification to advise you that the status of your vacancy is ‘pending approval’.


2. Approver Actions

Your approver will receive an email to inform them that they have a vacancy to approve.

If you are an approver, you can use the link in the email you receive:


Or, you can log directly into your NHS Jobs account to use the 'tasks' option on your home page and then select your pending tasks, which will take you to your task list:


You should first review the vacancy you have been asked to approve by clicking on the job title. This will open up the vacancy for viewing section by section and will also give you access to open and review attached documents should you need to.

You can then either arrow back out of the vacancy detail to return to your task page, or at the bottom of the page select 'Return to My Tasks':




Once satisfied with your decision from viewing the pending advert, select the ‘actions’ button where you can then choose one of the below options, or preview the advert again should you wish:


If you select any of the top 4 actions, an additional comment box will open for you to add notes to explain your decision. You can then select ‘Action’.

Note to reader:  'Decline', 'Place on hold' and 'Withdraw' are mandatory comment fields.  The approver can also edit the content of the vacancy if this is a process you wish to follow.


Once the approver makes their decision, you will receive a notification via email if their decision is to 'decline' or 'withdraw'.


You can also view the status of your applications on your NHS Jobs vacancy page or by clicking on your tasks and selecting various filtering options as displayed below:



3. Publishing the vacancy

Once your approver approves your vacancy, the status of you vacancy will change to 'Pending Advertisement':


You can click on ‘Pending Advertisement’ for an audit trail should you wish:


To then publish your vacancy, click on ‘Actions’:


Click on ‘Publish’ and ‘Action’:


Congratulations, you have now successfully advertised your vacancy using the authorisation process!

You can find further guidance in the Training Environment section of the NHS Jobs website, here.

Remember you can also use your training site to practice these features and see how it works for you and the candidate.

Keep your eye on the blog and the NHS Jobs newsletter for more 'how-to' guides and information on using the many features of the NHS Jobs platform, including how to manage interview invitescreate user rolescustom reports and CV applications.