NHS Jobs: The Future Service update

We’re very busy behind the scenes at NHS Jobs HQ developing the new service, and we’re nearly ready to roll out the first, simple release of the future service to a small number of invited pilot users. Subject Matter Expert, Jen Prince tells us more…

In previous updates, I’ve described how we have been using an Agile delivery method to build a brand new NHS Jobs - carrying out research to understand the needs of our users and building basic, working prototypes to test our findings. This means we’re able to build quickly and incrementally, test prototypes of what we’ve built and iterate our work based on your feedback.

The prototypes that have been created have been testing well and will inform the development of the very early and basic version of the new Beta NHS Jobs service for testing in Private Beta with our pilot users.

We’ll be working with a number of invited pilot partners during Private Beta to use the new service. This group of current NHS Jobs users will be given an opportunity to try it out on a real-life recruitment journey and tell us what they think.

We are currently working to identify who the pilot users will be. We have been researching which users with smaller volumes currently access the current NHS Jobs service and reaching out to ask if they will be advertising in Q1 of 2019, as well as gathering their interest in being involved in the pilot.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated in the run-up to the start of Private Beta and if you do have any questions, or would like to find out more you can contact the team on