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Data Services Summary

The NHSBSA has a range of reports and data available to help NHS customers track trends, inform decisions and support policy. 

Our data products and services include:


Includes financial reports by ICB, detailing the reimbursement and remuneration costs.

More information can be found on our ePACT2 page.


Reporting system to support monitoring by ICBs, giving commissioners and providers access to a summary of general and orthodontic commissioned NHS dental contracts and their delivery of services, and a detailed view of individual NHS dental contract performance.

More information can be found on our eDEN page. 


Supports monitoring by ICBs, providing commissioners information on the number of NHS sight tests performed, and the number of vouchers, supplements, repairs, or replacements, along with data around eligibility indicators submitted on the GOS forms. Availability of performer activity data, useful as many performers work across ICB boundaries with different GOS contractors.

More information can be found on our eOPS page. 

NHSBSA Statistics and Data Science

A wide breadth of statistical publications and reports which may be of relevance.

More information can be found on our NHSBSA Statistics and Data Science page.

Open Data Portal

Contains the consolidated pharmaceutical list and pharmacy opening and closure dataset, alongside the full English Prescribing dataset, Secondary Care Medicines data and Hospital prescribing dispensed in the community.

More information can be found on our Open Data Portal page.