NHS Learning Support Fund

NHS Learning Support Fund HEI toolkit

This kit contains materials for HEIs to use to promote the NHS Learning Support Fund to their students. 

Here you'll find:

1. Example text to use in student comms

2. Example social media posts and images

3. Short presentation providing an overview of NHS LSF

4. Posters

5. Infographics showing the application process (student and HEI journeys)

6. Application flowchart

7. Student guide to using the application system

8. HEI guide to using your portal (updated June 2021)

9. Payment schedules up to 8 December

10. Guide to the new functionality for the university portal

11. Temporary TDAE/PPE claim form

12. Updates to the TDAE process (November 2020 - version 2)

13. TDAE guidance booklet

14. Information video for continuing students 2021/22 

15. What is ESF? - a short video summarising the Exceptional Support Fund (ESF)

16. What is the Training Grant? - a short video explaining the Training Grant

17. What is TDAE? - a short video summarising Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE)

18. What is Parental Support? - a short video explaining Parental Support

19. What is NHS LSF? - a short video summarising the NHS Learning Support Fund (NHS LSF)

20. Social media messaging images sized for Instagram