NHS Learning Support Fund

NHS Learning Support Fund HEI toolkit

This kit contains materials for HEIs to use to promote the NHS Learning Support Fund to their students. 

Here you'll find:

  • What is ESF? (video)
  • What is the Training Grant? (video)
  • What is TDAE? (video)
  • What is parental support? (video)
  • What is NHS LSF? (video)
  • Training support guide poster
  • Training Grant student journey infographic
  • TDAE guide poster
  • Social media example posts 2023-24
  • Parental Support guide poster
  • NHSLSF Student guide to applying
  • LSF continuing students 23-24 (video)
  • LSF flyer for students
  • ESF guide poster
  • Social post images (multiple)
  • ESF student journey infographic
  • ESF HEI journey infographic
  • TDAE application guidance booklet
  • LSF example text for student comms
  • NHS LSF presentation