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Primary Care Services

We are privileged to play a key role in supporting primary care in the NHS. We work with pharmacy, dentistry, ophthalmic and GP providers to support the delivery of their critical services to the NHS.

NHS Prescription Services: We calculate remuneration and reimbursement for pharmacy and appliance contractors and authorise payments. On behalf of the DHSC we process around 1 billion prescription items each year, making £9.4 billion payments to contractors for items dispensed to patients. Find out more:

The Drug Tariff: We produce the Drug Tariff monthly on behalf of the DHSC. This outlines rules to follow when dispensing, what will be paid to pharmacy contractors for NHS services provided either for reimbursement or for remuneration, the value of the fees and allowances, drug and appliance prices that will be paid. Find out more:

NHS Dental Services: We provide processing and payment services for NHS dentists in England, Wales and the Isle of Man. We process 26.5 million NHS treatment forms and make payments of more than £1.6 billion to dental providers each year. Find out more:

Provider Assurance: On behalf of NHS England and Improvement (NHSEI) and the Welsh Government we support stakeholders and providers ensuring their legal and regulatory responsibilities are met regarding the management of commissioned primary care contracts. We offer standardised performance and contract management across England and Wales for NHS dentistry, and across England in Pharmaceutical Services, GP Services and Ophthalmic Services. As well as providing direct support to commissioners and primary care contractors, we have robust processes in place to identify areas of variation, risk and complexity and conduct reviews using our expertise. So far, we’ve supported NHSEI regional teams with over £468 million worth of contract reconciliation adjustments and delivered over £241 million in financial benefit back to the NHS. Find out more:

Scanning Services: Our dedicated team has a proven track record of handling, scanning, retrieving and securely destroying documents to create digital records, helping NHS organisations to release vital operational space in their buildings. Our clients include GP practices, NHS Hospital Trusts and other NHS and Public Sector organisations across the UK. Find out more: