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ESR is the national workforce solution for the NHS in England and Wales. It enables organisations to pay employees and record their personal, employment, skills, and training information.

Are you optimising the ESR solution to realise benefits now?

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We're leading a transformation programme to identify and deliver a future NHS workforce solution. In time, this will succeed the current ESR service.

The future solution will:
  • Deliver services more effectively and efficiently
  • Provide an enhanced user experience for people teams
  • Be accessible from any device, anywhere and at any time
  • Provide accurate workforce information all in one place to inform decision making
  • Release more time for value-add activities and patient care

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How will you get ready for the future NHS workforce solution?

  • Develop a digital transformation strategy and roadmap
  • Develop a shared vision for people services across our system
  • Understand, align and standardise our systems and processes
  • Map our managers & employee lifecycle user experience and seek to make improvements
  • Look at ESR Self Service Levels of Attainment & book an assessment
  • Getting the best out of ESR today in readiness for the future
  • Optimise ESR Self Service
  • Sharing our learning with others
  • Joining the Futures site to keep informed about the future solution

If you want to learn more about how to optimise your ESR self service, get in touch