NHSBSA Strategy 2024-2029-2

NHS Business Services Authority Launches Strategy for 2024-2029

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has published a five-year business strategy for 2024 to 2029, outlining our key priorities for the coming years.

The strategy aims to chart a course towards excellence and supports the vision of the NHSBSA; to be the provider of national, at scale business services for the health and social care system, transforming and delivering these services to maximise efficiency and meet customer expectations.

Our focus will be on four values which serve as the foundation for our strategic choices, ensuring that we do the right thing in the right way for our people and our customers. These values - Collaborative, Adventurous, Reliable, Energetic – will form our moral compass to shape our culture and influence behaviours at all levels.

Aligned with the evolving landscape of the health and social care system, we have outlined our strategic goals and measures to provide us with a framework for improving service. Our goals are set out under four themes: customer, our people, value and efficiency, and environmental, social, and governance.

Michael Brodie, Chief Executive, said: “Our platforms, systems and services touch countless lives, facilitating the flow of around £100 billion in NHS funds annually and supporting over three million present, past and future NHS colleagues throughout their careers.

“At the core of all we do is a profound commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of every individual we serve and a belief that providing excellence in business services – for the NHS by the NHS – will ultimately help people to live longer and healthier lives.”

The strategy covers our key areas of focus for delivering the vision, including:

  • Delivering the future NHS workforce solution
  • Developing modern, secure and scalable digital services and technology platforms
  • Investing in a transformed pension service
  • Setting the organisation up to deliver for the customer
  • Focusing on efficiency and taxpayer value in all that the NHSBSA does
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to design services which meet user needs
  • Being a data-driven organisation
  • Developing the future workforce

For more information, visit: Strategy, Business Plan and Annual Report | NHSBSA.

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