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NHS Jobs and Adzuna join forces to fill COVID-19 roles in the NHS

NHS Jobs, the official online recruitment service for the NHS in England and Wales, are working with Adzuna to promote over 400 COVID-19 specific roles across the UK. The roles range from nurses and practitioners to radiographers, housekeepers and paramedics. Advertised positions will play a crucial role in supporting the NHS and can be found on the Adzuna COVID-19 job page or on NHS Jobs.

There are currently 480 COVID-19 critical roles that need to be filled on Adzuna, in addition to the 9,000 live NHS vacancies open across the UK. Nursing positions are currently in the highest demand, followed by healthcare assistants and practitioners. Whilst the majority of COVID-19 roles waiting to be filled are for medical staff, there are also many non-medical roles available, such as those in administration and housekeeping, which also play a vital role in keeping the public safe.

Adzuna's partnership with NHS Jobs taps into over 3 million jobseekers to help fill these roles fast. With over 500,000 people signing up to become NHS volunteers last month, the public appetite to support the NHS appears widespread and will play an important part in getting these roles filled.

David Roberts, Head of Service for NHS Jobs, said: “The NHS Jobs team have been working to make it easier for jobseekers to find roles relating to COVID-19 and have been implementing measures to increase the reach of NHS vacancies. We appreciate the support Adzuna have provided at this time and it is great to be working together to support this national effort.”

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, comments: "We are proud to be supporting the NHS during these unprecedented times. Adzuna's mission to 'keep Britain working' has never felt more important. We strongly believe that our technology, team, and desire to 'do our bit' during this crisis will help fill these roles fast and keep the NHS' heart beating."

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