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NHS Jobs helping to fight COVID-19

The NHS Jobs team have released new features to help fill coronavirus (COVID-19) vacancies quickly and support the NHS. Applicants can easily identify these roles by the unique COVID-19 icon displayed next to the job titles. As well as the COVID-19 indicator, NHS Jobs are working closely with other national jobs boards, such as LinkedIn, to get COVID-19 vacancies highlighted quickly.

Applicants can search for COVID-19 roles relevant to them by ticking the box when searching or they can click the link in the banner on the NHS Jobs homepage, which will take them to all COVID-19 roles currently being advertised. Relevant COVID-19 vacancies will also appear at the top of any standard searches and will appear at the top of vacancies emailed to those receiving the ‘Jobs by email’ service.

Employers who advertise roles on NHS Jobs can also now flag new and existing vacancies as being specifically linked to COVID-19. In the first week since implementing the COVID-19 indicator on NHS Jobs, there were 537 vacancies advertised using it, 454,613 advert views and 13,943 applications to COVID-19 specific roles.

Our developers have now prepared an XML feed that will allow other recruitment websites to publish the COVID-19 adverts that appear on NHS Jobs. We are actively sharing this with external recruitment websites to enable them to display COVID-19 related vacancies from within NHS Jobs on their own jobs boards, meaning a wider audience can be reached to fill the roles quickly.

There are two XML feed links available and the external recruitment websites can choose which they’d prefer to use. One link is direct to NHS Jobs and any adverts published would have the NHS Jobs appearance; the other link allows sites to wrap their own branding to the advert so that it appears the same as other adverts on their site.

The links, which are free to use, are already in use on many national jobs board websites, making it quicker and easier for them to promote COVID-19 vacancies. The links pull live information through from the official NHS Jobs website meaning only live vacancies are displayed, providing a better experience for jobseekers.

David Roberts,  Head of Service for NHS Jobs, said: “The NHS Jobs team have been working to make it easier for jobseekers to find roles relating to COVID-19 and have been implementing measures to increase the reach of NHS vacancies meaning they can be filled quicker. It’s great to see how the work we’re doing is supporting the national effort at this critical time.”

Click here to see the COVID-19 roles currently being advertised on NHS Jobs. We’re encouraging applicants to keep checking back to NHS Jobs for COVID-19 related roles, as we are updating them as and when they are identified.

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