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Trussell Trust

NHS staff volunteer at Gateshead food bank

Staff from NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), which has headquarters in Newcastle, have been volunteering their skills and collecting food donations for their chosen corporate charity partner the Trussell Trust food bank.

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Serious Shortage Protocol for haloperidol (Serenace®) 500 microgram (mcg) capsules

As part of managing shortages for haloperidol (Serenace®), the government has agreed a serious shortage protocol (SSP) for haloperidol (Serenace®) 500 microgram (mcg) capsules.

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Variation of Serious Shortage Protocol for fluoxetine 30mg capsules

The Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP) for fluoxetine 30mg capsules (SSP02) is being extended to the 18 December 2019.

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Progress for One Drug Database project

A project is underway at the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) to move all drug data into one place, to provide a consistent single source of information.

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New figures show improvements in polypharmacy

Polypharmacy prescribing has been steadily improving across England, according to data from the NHSBSA’s ePACT2 dashboard.

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NHSBSA launches data publication strategy

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has recently launched it's publication strategy, which marks the start of their journey to change how they approach external reporting.

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The power of ePACT2 data

The NHS Long Term Plan relies on pharmacists working in GP practices to carry out medication reviews. But if you can’t find and prioritise patients to review, there is a risk that missed patients could be harmed.

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Hints and Tips Information Services Issue 36 (November 2019 edition) out now

Issue 36 of NHS Information Services Hints & Tips is now available to read on the NHS Business Services Authority's (NHSBSA's) website.

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AHSN scoops national HSJ Award

Press release by Wessex AHSN - For our records


Recruiting General Practice Nurses just got easier

A new NHS website has been launched to make it easier for GP practices to attract high quality candidates for General Practice Nursing roles.

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Changes to Medicine Use Reviews

Guidance for Medicine Use Reviews (MURs) has changed.

NHS Business Services Authority

Changes to Pharmacy Sales telephone number

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has launched a new Pharmacy Sales helpline number.