NAW 2023 - Susan blog V3-01

Apprentices make a difference!

6 February 2023

This National Apprenticeship Week 2023, Susan Britton, People Progression Lead in Customer Operations, talks about how apprentices really do make a difference in an organisation like the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Apprenticeships are a key part of development in my area and are a great way to attract new talent. Whether that is using an external provider to employ new colleagues on a programme or supporting our current apprentice colleagues with their development.

We have had many successful learners over the years covering a wide range of qualifications from Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner to Level 5 Operational and Departmental Management in Recruitment. Many of these have gone on to further their career with us as a direct result of their learning.

Apprenticeships have numerous ways of making a difference to an organisation and an individual. They help support recruitment solutions, future-proof hard to fill roles, and give us the ability to plan to ensure we have a skilled team for years to come. The most important for me is to give colleagues development opportunities to progress in their careers with us. I work with some amazing people who have done just that. Let’s not forget the opportunity it creates for our current highly skilled colleagues to act as mentors and ambassadors to learners, developing their skills too. There’s something in it for everyone!

Having a talented pool of colleagues, with work-based experience, skills, and qualifications, means we can create clear career paths to suit everyone. Achieving goals and objectives is so important to any organisation and individuals themselves. We also need to remember that apprenticeships aren’t just for young people, they are for anyone with an interest in developing themselves. So, if you are considering an apprenticeship, age shouldn’t be a barrier.

Apprenticeships continue to be a great way to get a qualification without the potential debt involved. But for us, apprentices are also more likely to be committed long-term and to give something back to their employer, creating long-lasting loyalty because they believe the NHSBSA is a great place to work.

Our apprentices are supported at every point of their journey. The work they do really makes a difference to our users. Take a look at our apprenticeship opportunities and how you can earn as you learn.

Good luck with your bright future and career, there are no limits!

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