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Easy Peasy EPS - How making the switch to electronic prescriptions changed everything for me.

I’m Hazel Fern, I’m 71 years old, and I’ve lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for almost 30 years. MS affects your nervous system and how your nerves work. For me, it started out as mainly affecting my vision and right side of my body, with my legs affected in particular. I’ve regularly visited hospitals and doctors over the years to help keep it controlled, and I had been in and out of remissions (some lasting for a year or more) for many years, now it’s classed as progressive. I also at times take up to 30 tablets a day.


I only have 10% vision which means I am registered blind. I struggle with my grip, as well as having nerve damage to some of my organs; such as my bladder, optic nerve, and my balance at times, along with muscle aches and fatigue. I recently had spinal surgery to re-align some discs that were impacting on my spinal column. All this makes going to the doctors and collecting a prescription very difficult. It sometimes takes most of a morning for me to get there. I rely heavily on my husband, Harry 74, to do a lot for me, including getting my medication from the pharmacist.

Using EPS has changed everything.

I told the doctor where I regularly go for my prescription, and he was able to nominate them for me, so I don’t need to go to the doctors any more for my repeat prescriptions.

I no longer have the struggle of physically visiting my doctor every few weeks; Harry doesn’t even need to go and collect a prescription for me anymore!

It’s given me a whole morning back where I can do what I like. I’ve got more time for enjoyable things like going for coffee, cake and a chat with my friends. It’s also saved my doctor so much time too – and I’m just one of his patients. Imagine how much time GPs across the country must be saving by doing this for all of their regulars like me! EPS is giving them more time for their patients and freeing up space for new appointments.

I even get my regular delivery of catheters delivered every month direct from the supplier, because they too use EPS; they just email me when my next delivery is due.


Because I’m blind, my pharmacist puts all my medication into a weekly medipack with all of my tablets sorted for each dose and day. Harry collects these for me from the pharmacy, or I get them delivered.  All I do now is wait for a text from my pharmacy. Even when I go on holiday, because my pharmacy gets my prescription a month in advance, I only have to ask for the extra week or weeks that I need and it’s there!

Sometimes I may need to change some of the dosage after a routine hospital appointment, and again, it’s so easy for me to just call the doctor to amend my prescription.

Everyone should be signed up to this – it should be automatic. EPS is saving patients and the NHS time and money. If we all sign up, that will make a significant difference.

Sign up today, what are you waiting for? Just ask at your doctor’s reception or your pharmacist when you’re next there.