Goodbye Alpha, Hello Beta... progress for the NHS Jobs future service project

The brand new NHS Jobs has achieved a major milestone this month - passing its GDS Alpha Assessment.

Feedback from the assessment report complimented the project across a number of areas including demonstrating a deep understanding of user needs, having a multi-disciplined agile team working in line with best practice and a well thought-out technical architecture.

This is great news for the team and means we can now officially move into the Beta phase of the project.

Beta is the stage where we will begin developing the initial MVP (minimal viable product) version of the new service and the team is excited to get started on this new phase of the project.

The first private Beta (pilot) phase will see a small group of users - predominantly GP practices - start to use a test version of the service towards the end of May. This version will then grow and evolve as the MVP is iterated and built upon, leading up to a private beta phase with ‘large users’ later in the year.

Anna Caine, lead delivery manager, said: "It is fantastic news that the NHS Jobs service has passed its Alpha assessment. It’s been a lot of hard work and a fair bit of stress leading up to it so I think it’s safe to say that everyone on the team is pleased it’s over and can start focusing on getting our first release out to our users."

David Roberts, head of NHS Jobs, said: “Passing our Alpha Assessment is great news for the service, and a result of a lot of hard work across the whole team. The assessment team did a fantastic job on the day and should be proud of the way they told our story, it was clear that the assessment panel were really impressed. I’m really looking forward to Beta and in getting our MVP out to real users!”

We’re currently looking for people to take part in user research and feedback sessions. Contact us to get involved in a way that suits you: