More time to do the things we love – thank you EPS

If you get regular prescriptions, EPS can save you precious time to spend with your family. How? By avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP. It’s very clever really and it can be a lifeline for a busy young household like ours.

My daughter, Ruby

Ruby loves football. She plays football on weeknights and at weekends. She’s a massive Leeds United fan and she will religiously sit and watch all the games on TV, sitting next to her big brother, Joe, waving her Leeds scarf as if she’s there.

Last week was her first visit to Elland Road stadium and the sheer joy and excitement on her face will stay with me for a long time.

At six months old, Ruby was diagnosed with Epilepsy

I have to be honest, the last seven years have been tough at times. She takes medication twice daily and (thankfully) it’s been well controlled over the last year.

Ruby goes through a lot of medication and it can be really tough to keep track.

If you have, or know someone who has epilepsy, you know that when it comes to medication consistency is key. If Ruby missed a dose, the implications – and the increased risk of her having a seizure – can be catastrophic.

Ruby’s dad and I both work full time, so the time we have together as a family is precious.  Amongst the homework, commutes, children’s parties and after-school clubs, there are many things that we often forget to do, or that get missed altogether during the working week.

Last year, before we started using the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), my husband and I would sometimes find we’d run out of Ruby’s medication. We’d look in the medicine cupboard then at each other, each silently blaming the other for not getting her repeat prescription, feeling the stress that comes with a near empty bottle, especially on a weekend – it shouldn’t be what the weekends are for.

Using EPS has taken the stress away

Because Ruby needs regular repeat prescriptions fro the same medicine, our pharmacist told us about Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) – a type of EPS – and it’s really made a huge difference.  Instead of having to book an appointment to see the GP, or ring up every time Ruby needs more medication, her prescription is sent directly from our GP practice to the pharmacy of our choice.

Now we get a text every six weeks to say Ruby’s next batch of medication is ready. No more worries about missing a dose, silent stares of blame in front of an empty medicine cabinet on a Sunday morning and most importantly, it’s given us time back to spend together as a family to do all the things the kids love – like watching their beloved Leeds United.

I’d encourage people who take regular medication to take a few extra minutes at your pharmacy to ask about and set up EPS. It’s easy and reliable, it saves us time and saves money for the NHS. It can be life-changing.

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