NHS Jobs Future Service update: Gearing up for start of pilot

We’re building a brand new NHS Jobs platform that will completely replace the current online service next year. With the new look site about to enter its pilot phase for some users this summer, senior service delivery manager, Lynn Scott, gives us the latest update on how the project is progressing.

Our team has been busy working on the remaining features needed for our Private Beta pilot to commence. These include “brilliant basics” like the initial sign in screens, account creation and feedback pages. In parallel with this development, we’re continuing to test our prototypes with users, before the full pilot begins for our Private Beta partners.

Whilst our first Private Beta partners are already on board, we’re keen to work with even more users. If you’re a GP Practice or charity and you currently use NHS Jobs please get in touch with – we’d love to have you working with us and testing out the prototype NHS Jobs site in our pilot.

With shortlisting being identified as a priority for many users , we’ve also been developing how this will work in the new platform. Our workshop and user research sessions have really helped us to develop an understanding of what you need in terms of shortlisting functionality and process. We’ll be incorporating shortlisting into the design of the system, starting with the prototype. We’ll test shortlisting functionality with our users as part of the pilot and improve, build and iterate this functionality based on your feedback.


The new NHS Jobs platform is being built around user needs. We need users like you to get in involved in user research and feedback sessions to ensure that the service we deliver is the best it can be. Contact us to get involved in a way that suits you.

Keep an eye on future NHS Jobs newsletters for updates and previews of the new service.