NHS Jobs: You said, we did...

Following our customer satisfaction survey in March and April…

You said – The safeguarding questions should remain within the application rather than later on in the process.

We did – We’ve kept the questions within the application form and we’ve amended the wording of the questions to make it easier for candidates to understand what is required of them and when.

You said – National engagement events were of interest to you.

We did – We held five sold-out engagement events in April and we're currently finalising the plans for another seven events that will take place over the coming months in London, Leeds, Cambridge, Liverpool, Newcastle, Birmingham and Kent.

You said – You wanted engagement events to cover the use of NHS Jobs functionality.

We did – Our engagement events provided details of the functionality available and guest speakers detailed how they’ve successfully used the functionality within their organisation.

You said – Shortlisting was the most used feature within NHS Jobs, however users didn't always feel confident in using the tool.

We did – We've issued a step-by-step guide to talk you through the shortlisting process, so that you can make the most of the feature.

You said – Your level of proficiency could be increased when requesting references and vacancy authorisation.

We did – We've provided a step by step guide on how to authorise vacancies and provided further information and FAQ's on the recent improvements to references

You said – You’d like success stories and best practice to be shared with you.

We did – We’ve worked with organisations to compile case studies on the features used and the associated benefits of using them. The case studies will be released in the coming weeks. If you'd like to share your experiences of using NHS Jobs for a future case study or if you have an upcoming project you'd like us to work with you on, please get in touch.

Our next full-scale Customer Satisfaction survey will be released during October 2019 and your responses will help shape your future NHS Jobs service.