"Our first hire using the all-new NHS Jobs service"

Sunniside Surgery  

During July 2019, our surgery participated in the small users pilot to create an advert and shortlist applicants in the all-new NHS Jobs service.

It began with us registering our interest in participating in the new service which we heard about by subscribing to the NHS Jobs newsletter. Once we completed the registration details we were provided with the relevant details to log in to the system.

We contacted the NHS Jobs team who were really helpful and supported us to create our first job advert for an administration role. This was initially via a call with Liam Marshall, Training and Support Manager. Due to our excellent reputation we received over 60 applications that were shortlisted down to 6 potential candidates, with the advert closing a week early due to the high number of people wishing to join the practice.

During the shortlisting, the Training and Support Manager and a User Researcher scheduled a visit to our site to observe and support us in completing this process. Although the time taken to shortlist outside of the system took a while, the process within the system was very efficient with the shortlisting of applicants being seamless; we also has the ability to email over 50 unsuccessful applicants in a few minutes. This has saved us a lot of time and allowed us to recruit the right person quicker than usual. We have successfully hired an experienced individual, whom has slotted into the team with ease.

We were the first organisation to successfully complete the process and provide valuable feedback to help shape the service for the future. We would have no hesitation in recommending this service to others.

And once again thank you to all the NHS Jobs team that were involved who helped and guided us along the way.