Serious Shortage Protocol for haloperidol (Serenace®) 500 microgram (mcg) capsules

As part of managing shortages for haloperidol (Serenace®), the government has agreed a serious shortage protocol (SSP) for haloperidol (Serenace®) 500 microgram (mcg) capsules.

The SSP will enable community pharmacists in England and Wales to supply patients with haloperidol 500 microgram (mcg) tablet, where the generic haloperidol 500 microgram (mcg) capsules or the branded Serenace 500 microgram (mcg) capsules have been prescribed.

This SSP and supporting guidance is now published on our website.

The SSP is currently due to expire on 23 March 2020. Should this change, the SSP will be updated accordingly and published on our website.

If the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) decides there is a serious shortage of a specific medicine or appliance, then an SSP may be issued.

The contractor must use their professional skill and judgement to decide, alongside medical experts, whether it's reasonable and appropriate to substitute the patient's prescribed order for the active SSP. The patient would also have to agree to the alternative supply for that dispensing month.