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Provider Assurance Dental: Clinical Advisor Service Summary

Directed by NHS England (NHSE), and as part of the Provider Assurance service, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) support regional commissioning Teams and ICBs in their management of dental contracts. This support is provided by Clinical Advisors (CAs).

What do Clinical Advisors do?

The CA team have a broad range of primary care experience and using various data available to them, CAs work to identify potential under performance, deliver risk-based intervention that focuses on quality and safety of treatment, and provide support, feedback and guidance to primary care contractors.

Why is the Clinical Advisor Service Important? 

Clinical Advisors support the clinical monitoring of dental activity to identify and mitigate risk for ICBs. By engaging with local CA leads, ICB teams can ensure compliance with contractual requirements and delivery of quality and value for money.

What is the Clinical Advisor Process?  

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