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Provider Assurance Dental: Statement Of Financial Entitlement Business Rates Assurance Service Summary

The SFE Business Rates Assurance service is provided by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) and delivered on behalf NHS England (NHSE).

Who is Statement Of Financial Entitlement (SFE) Business Rates Assurance For?

A dental contractor can claim for a proportion of the business rates in relation to the amount of NHS treatments they provide if they pay business rates at the practice and deliver more than £25,000 of NHS treatments per year.

This is a national service, reviewing the validity and accuracy of SFE Business Rates claims of all contracts on a rolling basis.

Why is SFE Business Rates Assurance Important?

SFE Business Rates Assurance is a post payment verification process that assures that dental contractor business rate claims are verified and, if needed, a financial recovery or payment can be made.

What is the SFE Business Rates Assurance Process?

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