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Data and Insight

We provide open, clear and actionable data and insight to high standards of data governance, empowering our customers to make informed decisions.

Prescription Data: We provide critical data on medicines and dispensing activity to stakeholders and the public. Our online business intelligence tool ePACT2 enables authorised users to view, analyse and present prescription data. It enables the customisation of dashboards and monitoring of trends, helps to identify possible savings and helps to identify possible savings and improves patient outcomes and patient safety.
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Dental Data: We provide dental data through eDEN dashboards. These help to identify trends and inform decisions that enable delivery of value for money services. The information is used to help NHS commissioners and providers with performance management, financial planning, adherence to clinical best practice, compliance with regulations and identifying outlier behaviour. Find out more:

Ophthalmic Data: We provide ophthalmic data through eOPS dashboards that help to inform activity at various health geographies, identifying outlier behaviour and performance management. They support decision making and enable commissioners and providers to deliver value for money services to patients and taxpayers. Find out more:

Official Statistics: We produce and release official statistics from our data to the public. Our publications include the quarterly ‘Medicines Used in Mental Health’ publication and ‘General Pharmaceutical Services England’. Find out more:

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Data Science and Advanced Analytics: Our Data Analytics Learning Laboratory delivers new insights from our data through innovation, experimentation and collaboration to improve patient and customer outcomes and reduce loss in the system. We work across the NHSBSA and externally.