Presentation by Lisa Moran (NHSBSA) and Dan Tanham (Valtech)

Digileaders Virtual Conference - Working with Government to build COVID -19 services at pace.

In just 10 days, NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) worked with Valtech, NHS Digital, NHS 111 and NHS X to develop and stand up the NHS COVID-19 text messaging service.

Lisa Moran, Head of Digital Services, NHSBSA and Dan Tanham, Head of Delivery, Valtech were invited to the Digileaders Virtual Summit in June to talk about the project and describe how they worked together to deliver the SMS text messaging service so quickly.   

Since 23 March 2020 over 15 million text messages have been sent to around 1 million of the most vulnerable people in society who have been self-isolating; to reassure them, remind them of the latest advice, update them on how long they need to remain in isolation and to thank them for staying safe at home.

Contacting these at-risk people by text has received very positive feedback and proved vital in reducing pressure on the NHS.

So simple in its ambition but complex in its multi-agency execution, the SMS text messaging service has provided powerful data to help drive both operational and clinical decision making. 

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