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NHS releases new report on dependency forming medicines

NHS Business Services Authority has released its new report ‘Dependency Forming Medicines - England 2015/16 to 2021/22’ today.


NHS publishes statistics on diabetes prescriptions

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has published ‘Prescribing for Diabetes – England 2015/16 to 2021/22’ statistics this morning [11 August 2022].

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Prescription costs for England published by the NHS

The annual Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) includes information about the costs and volumes of prescriptions that have been dispensed in England.


New prescribing comparators available to help reduce harm in opioid prescribing

A new dashboard is available from today to help prescribers improve the care and reduce the harm for those taking opioids for the management of chronic, non-cancer pain.


Report published on extent of pharmacy services in England

NHS Business Services Authority has today published figures on activity carried out by community pharmacies and appliance contractors in England.