More time to do the things we love – thank you EPS

If you get regular prescriptions, EPS can save you precious time to spend with your family. How? By avoiding unnecessary trips to your GP. It’s very clever really and it can be a lifeline for a busy young household like ours.


NHS Jobs: The Future Service update

We’re very busy behind the scenes at NHS Jobs HQ developing the new service, and we’re nearly ready to roll out the first, simple release of the future service to a small number of invited pilot users. Subject Matter Expert, Jen Prince tells us more…

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NHSBSA: Doing our bit for the environment

Today is Global Recycling Day, which aims to recognise and communicate the importance of recycling to preserve resources and secure the future of our planet. I want to share with you how we have engaged with our colleagues to improve recycling habits and how we are preventing waste through our drive to go digital.

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Six decades of LGBT challenges and progress in my lifetime

Every February we celebrate LGBT History month and there are many historical figures and moments we need to remember as they set a foundation for the rights and respect we have today and also remind us that many of our LGBT brothers and sisters still face oppression and persecution across the world. It is a good time to reflect and renew our commitment to LGBT rights and to our shared, common and different struggles as well as support for freedom, equality and respect for everyone (however they identify).