What is Bi Visibility Day and why is it important?

‘Bi people are just going through a phase.’
‘People come out as bi to soften the blow of coming out as gay or lesbian.’
‘You’re not bi. You are just confused.’
‘You have to pick a side.’
‘Bi people are greedy’
‘All women are bi.’
‘Bi people are attracted to anything that moves.’


NHS Jobs: How to... Approve vacancies

Our recent CSAT survey results showed us that there has been a significant uptake in the use of our Vacancy Authorisation option, as well as an increase in satisfaction for this feature.

For those who are yet to use the vacancy authorisation, we have created a step-by-step guide to assist you.

You can use this feature on NHS Jobs to support the approval of a vacancy to be published online. One or more approvers can be identified for a vacancy and once the relevant vacancy details have been entered, the system will move the vacancy to each of the approvers in turn.